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        Application of reflective heat insulation coating
        Reflective heat insulation coating is mainly used in the field of building engineering in the field of heat insulation, that is, the application of high reflective heat insulation coating on the surface of the outer enclosure structure can reduce the absorption of solar radiation heat by the building, prevent the temperature rise caused by the absorption of solar radiation on the surface of the building, and reduce the heat transfer to the indoor. In the past, it was mainly applied to the roof to reduce the temperature rise and protect the waterproof materials. In recent years, due to the appearance of new high-efficiency reflective material glass hollow beads and the promotion of commodities abroad, the application of this kind of coating in the outer wall of hot summer and warm winter areas in South China has been promoted. This kind of coating is used together with the external wall insulation system, which has high energy saving and economic benefits.
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