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        Goldsmith introduced exterior wall
             Wall paint can be divided into water-soluble and latex paints.
             Exterior latex paint is generally used for exterior walls, it may also be used for toilet high humidity. Exterior wall used in the outdoors and must take into account the aging, keep the color, opacity and other high formaldehyde content, but not too much to consider, usually formaldehyde preservatives. (Because GB is not required to disable the external walls of formaldehyde-containing materials) products have ether solvents.
             Of course, within the external walls of latex paint can be used, but please do not try to interior latex paint external.
             Many different types of exterior paint, can be divided into strong acid and alkali resistant exterior paint, pure acrylic elastic wall paint, silicone elastic self-cleaning exterior paint, advanced acrylic wall paint, fluorocarbon paint, bucolic carbon series . Its widely used in building facades painted, so the most important indicator is the anti-ultraviolet radiation required to achieve prolonged exposure does not change color. Exterior paint also requires water resistance, requiring self-cleaning.
             Film to be hard and flat, on a red dirt out. Can be used for interior and exterior paint brush used because it also has water resistance, and the interior wall paint but do not have sunscreen function, it is not when the interior wall paint external coating used.
             The relevant documents have been shown to prohibit the use of high-level outside the wall, because the outer wall are not environmentally friendly, energy waste land, go further risk factor for a long time poor maintenance and wounded people, and so easy to fall, but also abroad already many years ago on the use of color rich variety of exterior wall, in fact, can be made with the same exterior wall tiles (outer wall) as textured look

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