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        Goldsmith explain wall paint wall processing

        1, the new cement mortar walls winter maintenance around, summer maintenance three weeks.
        2, flatness poor walls, it can be one-component or two-cracking putty wall putty for leveling, sanding smooth and maintain more than three days.
        3, if the wall chalking occurs, you can use water cannons to remove the layer of powder, construction of a permeable high adhesion primer sealer or oil-based exterior wall paint and construction.
        4, if the old walls have peeling, hollowing phenomenon, the need to eradicate the relevant parts, a one-component blade coating the external walls of plaster or putty for leveling two-component cracking putty, polished smooth and maintenance of more than three days.

              Jinhua Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has goldsmith diverse range of products, such as natural stone, lacquer, paint and other rock chip composite layer coatings. After years of market it proved that the product quality is superior to similar coatings Japan, Europe and the United States of. We carefully collected only capture the essence of rock States, after careful research and screening, to be refined advanced green resin paint products, renowned Taiwan island.

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